Regenbogenfonds der schwulen Wirte e.V.

The Regenbogenfonds e.V. has its origins in the founding of the KAB (Concerted action of the lesbian-gay industry in Berlin) in 1992 - an association of about 25 gay Berlin hosts. The establishment of the KAB in turn is a result of the work of the gay panic phone of Man-O-Meter, the gay switchboard Berlin. The reason was persistent attacks on gays. With self-confidence and determination, joint actions were organized against violence.

The successful cooperation of the gay hosts with Bastian Finke, head of the gay panic phone, and Heinz Uth, the first contact of the Berlin police for same-sex lifestyles, manifested itself in the organization of the first Lesbian and Gay City Festival under the motto "Live together safe" in the summer of 1993 on Motzstrasse. Since then, the City Festival continues with growing success each summer during Christopher Street Week in Berlin.

Since 1996, the Rainbow Award has been presented to individuals or groups from Regenbogenfonds e. V. who have been active in gay and lesbian concerns. Also since 1996, the association has financially supported the most diverse projects of the gay community with the proceeds of the City Festival.

In addition, the Regenbogenfonds e. V. organizes the Lichtermeer (Sea of lights) which takes place every year on the occasion of World AIDS Day, which is celebrated every year on December 1st.

Subway Berlin e.V.

Subway e.V. is only for guys who work as a prostitute. Whoever comes to us has to deal with issues like gay sex, AIDS and violence.

With us you can be sure that we do not expect any sexual consideration from you. We take confidentiality and privacy very seriously. We do not set ourselves against your will with your parents, the youth welfare office, the police, your roommate or anybody else in connection.

Here you can get medical attention, get to eat something, select clothes from our wardrobe, wash yourself and your laundry, spend your free time with other guys, just calmly talk to someone if you want, or during the opening times just crash in a freshly made bed.

Mann-O-Meter e.V.

Info and service - from the scene for the scene

The Mann-O-Meter e.V. was founded in 1986 as Germany's first gay switchboard. In addition to the provision of information and consulting services, we strive to satisfy the needs of our customers with a variety of services. Financed by public funds and donations, and advice center has since its inception linked Berlin's gay scene. The active participation in the highlights of the year - City Festival and CSD - are just two examples of many.

We also offer external groups and projects the opportunity to meet at Mann-O-Meter e.V. or offer their services. The service includes information on legal matters through counseling for gay foreigners, conversation groups for anonymous alcoholics, experience for gays over 50, and advice for conscientious objectors and discussions for politically interested. Furthermore, there is the possibility to supply about 40 groups and individuals with current information over mailboxes.